Our global sourcing specialists are available 24/7 to meet your urgent need for original spareparts to a wide range of equipment

Unbeatable responsetime

and support when needed

Spare parts are provided for a wide range of equipment- all with original OEM quality and warranty

  • On-board spareparts
  • Docking spareparts
  • Mechanical spareparts
  • Hydraulic spareparts
  • Electric spareparts
  • Consumables
  • Main control valve
  • Load control valve
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Electric motor
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Oil cooler
  • Planetary gearbox
  • Winch gear
  • Slew gear
  • Winch brake
  • Slew brake
  • Wire rope
  • Wire sheave
  • Hook block
  • Slew bearing
  • Slew fasteners
  • Bolts and bearings
  • Plc
  • Sliprings
  • Singleturn encoder
  • Multiturn encoder
  • Sensors and transmitters
  • Remote control system

Service exchange and overhaul units

When you buy new key parts to your equipment- feel free to send us the old parts for evaluation free of charge, and if repairable we will offer you a credit
Parts are refurbished to extend its lifetime, save the envronment at the same time it reduces both costs and leatimes for our clients as we have key parts in stock as refurbished units

  • Zollern winch and zollern gear with brake
  • Brevini winch and brevini gear with brake
  • Dinamic oil winch and dinamic oil gear with brake
  • Hydreco winch and hydreco gear with brake
  • Hamworthy winch and hamworthy gear with brake
  • Bonfiglioli winch and bonfiglioli gear with brake
  • Møllerodden wiresheave and mollerodden hook block
  • Imenco wiresheave and imenco hook block
  • Ropebclock wiresheave and ropeblock hook block
  • Gosan wiresheave and gosan hook block
  • Irizar forge hook
  • Hydratech cylinder
  • Fjero cylinder
  • Bauer cylinder
  • Hengli cylinder
  • Rexroth cylinder
  • PMC cylinder
  • Hunger cylinder
  • Hydoring cylinder
  • LJM cylinder
  • Stacke cylinder
  • Parker main control valve
  • Rexroth main control valve
  • Brevini HPV main control valve
  • Danfoss PVG main control valve
  • Sun load holding valve
  • PMC hydraulic valve
  • Rothe erde slew bearing
  • Shilla slew bearing
  • Grosswaelzlager slew bearing
  • La lionessa slew bearing

Crane and Davit OEM`s and their brands

The global and Norwegian crane industry is constantly changing and many of the former crane brands does no longer exist or has been aquired and are currently supported under other brand names. The below table might be of use for identifying former vs. current brand name- OEM.

    • Harding
    • Norwegian Deck Machinery (NDM)
    • Bergen Group Dreggen
    • Ned-Deck Marine
    • Fast RSQ
    • Watercraft
    • Viking Marine
    • Waterman
    • Noreq 
    • NoreqFender
    • NoreqActa
    • Fiskars
    • Bjorke Batbyggeri
    • Davit-Company
    • LAR
    • Georg Eide Sønner AS
    • MASECO
    • Edgewater Machine & Fabricators Inc
    • Watercraft America
    • William Mills Marine
    • Schat Davits Ltd
    • Schat-Davit Company
    • Schat Watercraft Group
    • Harding AS
    • Mulder & Rijke 
    • Beiyang Boatbuilding Co.
    • Schat-Harding
    • Acta
    • Davit Systems Holland (DSH)
    • SEC



TTS Marine | TTS Marine Crane | TTS

Hamworthy | Hatch covers, hydraulic power packs, pumps, sewage treatment plants, incinerators, compressors

Hydralift | Marine and offshore cranes, davits, winch bollards, service platforms

Kocks | Anchor and mooring winches

Krupp Fördertechnik | Marine cranes

Kvaerner Ships Equipment| Hatch covers, hydraulic power packs, pumps, incinerators

LMG | Marine cranes

Mongstad Engineering | Side loading systems, side doors, hatch covers, bulkhead doors, Side shell doors, mooring and observation platforms, tender embarkation platforms, internal service elevators, bow visor, bow doors, bow, stern and side ramps, hoistable car decks, passenger doors, passenger gangway systems, ROV side doors, hangar doors and moon pool top and bottom hatch

NMF | Wire luffing cranes, Boat and provision crane, bulker crane, container crane, Multi-purpose crane, heavy lift crane, super heavy lift crane, offshore crane, standard crane, semi-slim, slim, cylinder crane, 4 rope grab, gemini crane and electric crane

Norlift | Marine and offshore cranes

O&K | Marine cranes

Velle Systems | WT doors, shell doors, cargo access equipment

Von Tell | Hatch covers, RoRo equipment, cargo access equipment


Viking Lifesaving Equipment & Norsafe


  • Rolls Royce marine
  • ABAS
  • ODIM